Arianna Cuesta

The eye behind the Lens

Ojos Nebulosos

I am a Afro-Boricua/Dominicana born and raised in Santurce,Puerto Rico.

Working on breaking the mold of what an Afro-Caribbean and Latino person “should” be.

While using my work to bridge the gaps between communities.

So far I have had the pleasure of doing freelance work for The Caribbean Cultural Center, Afro-Latino Festival, The Fader, Remezcla, Cassius, The Girl Mob, Black Lives Matter, Mitú, RFK foundation and Ebony Magazine. My first photography book "Afro-Masculinidad" can be found in The International Museum of Photography Library.

My work has also been featured in Latino USA, AFRO-PUNK , PBS and Bleu Magazine. I have also worked as a guest Teaching Artist for the MoCada after school program teaching identity through photography at the Jesse Owens Public school in Bushwick. Also have been a panelist for "Pay transparency" at Pratt University and "Afro-Latinx Artivism" at SJU.

I do not edit my models’ skin or change
their body shape in order to present everyone in the most real and honest light. 
Whether it is capturing protesters, painters, 
dancers or musicians I seek to present their

 individual truth and shed light on

   the beauty and diversity found in our culture.

All photos on this site taken by Ojos Nebulosos