"Parásito Gubernamental"

Párasito Gubernamental
Digital, 12x12

Puerto Rico is currently under the control of the "La Junta". The government feels that it is necessary first to limit and step on the rights of the Puerto Ricans to be able to solve the economic problem that they created themselves. Through my work I want to demonstrate the definition of Governmental Parasite. Using my subject  the Boricua man with a parasite on top. Which in this case is the politician who even though he has power he lives on by feeding off of the people.This parasite tries to remove what little is left to the working man. The Boricua does not allow the parasite to take his money without fighting for it. In this piece I wanted to work with shadows. Where you can see the light on the right side of the subject to represent the hope and struggle of the Boricua.